Everyone on our team is an experienced management consultant and trainer, with a variety of specialized certifications and experience. We can provide management training in all aspects of communication, change management, supervision, evaluation, problem solving and much more. We’re here to help your management team function at the highest possible level.

Measurement Driven Training

Measurement Driven Training

Our tools can specifically drive training, by identifying skill gaps, in individuals and even in teams. We have specialized training that can target those specific gaps, based on results derived from the questionnaires we use. Then, using NLP techniques, we can eliminate those skill gaps and greatly improve individual and team effectiveness.

All levels of training

All levels of training

Everyone needs essential skills in clear communication, effective teamwork and a focus on clear targets and goals in their work. We have a number of off-the-shelf programs designed to help foster improvement in all these areas. We can customize any of our programs, or develop new ones, to best meet your unique requirements and needs.

Business acumen

All our training focuses the skills learned with relevant aspects of the wider organization.

Management improvement support

We help facilitate alignment of the efforts of employees with crucial management goals.

Systems thinking

We facilitate a deeper understanding of the processes inherent in organizations and their evolution.

Process & project orientation

Our programs help orient participants toward process thinking in service of effective project management.

Emotional and interpersonal intelligence

These intelligences are important keys to working with others, and are our expertise–a key component of all we do.

Knowledge management

We help leaders capture relevant and crucial knowledge in a way it can be applied and preserved for the organization.


We specialize in a state-of-the-art understanding of human thinking and behavior

We specialize in influencing skills and decision-making strategies, crucial in the sales profession and in managing others. We can help in all aspects of supervision, motivation and further development for dramatic improvement in sales success.


Teamwork is developed through understanding and organizing real working relationships between people

Let us help build the kind of smooth working relationships that lead to productivity in planning, decision-making, and action. We can help with all aspects of meaningful teamwork.


Learning the key skill of taking the perspective of others is another core component of our work

More than just saying the right words, or following a set of policies and procedures, providing world class service means treating clients and customers the way people should be treated: with understanding, kindness and respect.


NLP–our core model–began as the study of influence and the elements that make it effective

We can help anyone who manages, sells or communicates with others. From sales, to presentations, to motivating others, these are essential skills that we can teach; yielding better results in any aspect of working with others.


Leaders are created through experience, knowledge and the best training possible in the skills, attitudes and behavior that makes others want to follow

We know how to teach leaders how to be, not just what to do. Great leaders are great role models; they lead by example. They know how to convey a vision, and the beliefs and attitude that supports that vision. They teach, guide and direct in ways that are clear and compelling to those they lead. We can help them do it better.

Why you will love our training

Help us help you to fill the gaps in your peoples’ skills and knowledge that every organization experiences. We can customize any program we have. Here are a few samples.

  • Problem solving
  • Managing Change
  • Influencing skills
  • Quality improvement
  • Stress management
  • Project management
  • Writing and Presentation skills
  • Process improvement/management