Personal Development

Personal Development

Everyone who improves in his or her personal life, improves in their work. Each of our consultants is fully trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)–as well as other fields. NLP is the absolute state-of-the-art in personal development and growth. We have a variety of programs designed to help everyone be their very best, in every area of their lives.

Multiple Intelligences Development

Multiple Intelligences Development

Most people are aware that we all have a number of different "intelligences." These include physical/athletic intelligence, musical or mathematical intelligence, and more. Many people, and organizations, pursue improvement in the interpersonal and emotional intelligences, to increase their competence in understanding themselves, and others. The results of improving in these areas ripple throughout the person’s life and work.

Relationship Development

Relationship Development

Personal and professional relationships are an essential part of all of our lives. In NLP, we cracked the code on how relationships develop, and thrive or suffer. We can help improve all of your relationships, and those of your colleagues, to have happier healthier lives. These same skills will lead to more success with colleagues, employees, customers and everyone you meet in your work.

Effective parenting

Most parents wish their children came with an operator’s manual … Unfortunately, they don’t, so most parents learn "on the job." We can do better than that, and even provide some of those instructions you wish you had.

Personal problem solving

We have very special programs that will help you, and your loved one, change problems into opportunities for growth and development through real-world solutions.

Relationship improvement

Relationships are built on common threads that bind us together. Recognizing and strengthening these threads is what makes relationships evolve, even beyond serious differences.

Life goals

We all have dreams about the direction our lives should take, in all areas, from relationships, to work, to health and beyond. We can help clarify those, and help you along your own personal path.

Dealing with difficult people

Avoiding or ignoring difficult people usually just prolongs further agony. We can show you ways to defuse tense situations, while maintaining your core values and sense of self.

Handling adversity

Adversity and conflict are two things almost guaranteed to find us, no matter how we try to avoid them. Resiliency can be learned, and built in, so that when those times come, we can be ready.

Difficult people

Maintaining our focus on needs and values, and dealing with everything from strong emotions to outright manipulation is a specific set of skills

We can teach you the skills, and formats, for understanding and appreciating the point of view of others, as well as dealing with all of the behavior that others throw our way. You’ll come away clearer, stronger and more sure of what you want in difficult situations.


One of the biggest problems for kids in school, is that they are expected to learn a variety of different things, without being taught how to learn in the first place

We have an extensive program, and set of tools, to teach the critical skills of learning–anything. Designed for parents of school age children, but valuable for everyone, this can be a life-changing experience. And for many people, one long overdue.


"If you don’t know where you’re going … " Goal setting is an art and a skill. Both can be developed

We have several powerful tools that help anyone more carefully examine their priorities, clarify their intentions, and envision a compelling future they feel powerfully drawn toward. These can be easily learned and applied to set a clearer course for your future, and that of your loved ones.


Human beings are stronger and more resilient than most of us appreciate. Adversity can bring out strength and resilience

There is no greater gift you can give yourself, or your loved ones, than the ability to be at your very best when things are at their very worst. Learning to gather your internal resources, and fortitude, to assess a situation, plan for resolution and carry on into the future is something everyone can benefit from. We know how.


Any problem that can’t be solved in 45 seconds, simply hasn’t been stated properly." Often true. But stating it properly requires the right framework

How we perceive any situation depends on the vantage point we take. Problems can be opportunities. Challenges can be growth experiences. We have specific tools for learning to take different perspectives in any situation so that we can develop solutions we would not have seen before.

Talent Development beyond the job

Many people struggle with just being in the world, handling difficulties, dealing with family issues and more. Even when things are going pretty well, there is always room for improvements. We have a vast array of knowledge–and tools–to help in just about every area.

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