Organizational compatibility

Organizational compatibility

More than 20 questionnaires for the most frequent jobs---Experts, Project Leaders, Managers, Sales and Sales Managers—are available online. Through your private secure account, results are immediately accessible around the clock.

Clear indications for development

Clear behavioral descriptors

Development priorities are indicated. You can offer meaningful development measures to those who are motivated for more education. That's how you get more with less. Individualized training data make trainings more effective.

Coaching support

Coaching support

In coaching, change in perspective and internalizing goals results in a greater potential for success. The right attitude, combined with a clear understanding of one’s role, and contribution to the success of the organization, leads to sustainable change in behavior.

High Potential Indicators

"Our 10 best achieve together as much revenue as the worst 28."

Customized Reports

Each job function has its own individualized report.

Accessible Performance Related Language

Reports are in plain everyday language.

Comprehensive Success Behaviors

A detailed description of the most succesful behaviors.

Optimized for Specific Functions

Management, sales or specialized staff will get the most relevant information for their needs.

Amazing Support

Our professional team will be with you side-by-side every step of the way.

Evidence based success factors of high performers

Each success factor has a full description of the behavior, and associated thinking, from highly successful leaders, managers, and functional specialists.

Task and social compentencies

Each of the competencies has a full definition, training indications and examples of the most effective behaviors associated with that compentency.

Role understanding

The report contains an assessment of someone’s perception of their role. These measurements are based on the relationship of different mindsets: technician ("specialist"), coach, or dynamic performer ("doer"). Each person’s assessment is specific to their role of either manager, salesperson or technician.

Conflict management

We help each manager understand the critical conflict patterns which are occurring. We then guide them to higher levels of competence in achieving outcomes that are more useful and equitable.

Point of view and perpectives

In our business life we process an enormous amount of information every day. Our success in managing this processing, in our minds, is dependent on our ability to quickly and efficiently adapt our perspective.

Why you will love the Talent Developer report

The Talent Developer is a comprehensive report which provides:

  • Potential scale
  • Tendency to overcompensate
  • Reality distance
  • Positive examples
  • Development possibilities
  • Areas for improvment