Frequently Asked Questions

We have a great deal to offer; so much that we know you’ll have questions about how we can help you with your specific needs and in your unique situation. Here are some of the most important considerations to include in your decision making. Let us help you further in any way we can.

Sure. We can work with companies of all sizes, and can work out a contract that works for your company, as well.

We can work with you on one, or a few, or as many job placements as you’d like. Our annual contracts and three-year contracts will be helpful in saving time and money when you have a more regular need for jobs to be filled.

LWe can usually offer a significant savings over other methods, or competitors’ offerings. We’re happy to explore this with you any time.

We’d be happy to put you in touch with some of our customers and will try to find the ones that match your needs to give you the best idea of what we can do for you.

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No, we are not a job board. We work with companies to post notices about their job openings, to help them find the people who can fit into those jobs best.

Yes. Part of the system includes preparing an interview guide, customized for each person who has gone through our assessment process. You will get a thorough report, in several modules, and a list of potential questions you can use to drill deeper into specific areas of thinking and behavior that are specific to the needs of the job. Also, the reports and interview guide will point to areas of potential challenge, or weakness, for that particular candidate.

We can help with the recruiting process from designing the "Reinforcement Request" all the way through the interviewing and onboarding process. We can also help in the process of identifying the basic requirements for the position. We also have additional elements that can help determine what kind of development, coaching or training someone might need, once they are in your company. We can also help with actual management of individuals in your teams. Many of our representatives are management consultants and training experts who can offer additional services you may need, or refer you to others who can meet your needs.

Not really. This system is based on identifying and "modeling" high performers: studying them to find out what makes them successful at what they do. This is called Success Factor Modeling and was one of the original features on which our system was built. The advantage is that we can compare candidates applying for a position with people who are effective and successful in the competencies required for that position, based on the specific thinking and behavior necessary for their success. This gives you a real insight into who will succeed before you hire them. Psychological tests and personality inventories are fine as far as they go. But they can’t offer specific enough information to make the kinds of determinations that our Success Factor Modeling process can deliver.